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Redlining Unity's physics engine (again!)
I increased the bullet movement speed. This also required increasing the rate of physics updates again. It's currently set to try and update physics once ever...
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The Fast and Far-sighted Update
Increased rotation speed of main turret. Turret now rotates the same way when using a mouse as when using a controller Extensive changes to the way the camera...
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Faster! Kill Faster! (Experimental Beta)
Increased the turret rotation speed and made it the same for both control types. Currently testing to see how this affects gameplay...
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Zapping Bugs
Fixed a weird audio volume issue when player shots collided with enemy drones specifically. Fixed UI size problems at obscure aspect ratios Radar should now dis...
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The "Saviors of Light and Darkness" Update
Improved reflections in metallic surfaces. Added shadow rendering to all enemies, as long as the Quality is set above Medium. (Actually, these were there all...
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Implemented auto-saving in the new beta.
I got some very basic auto-saving implemented in the new beta. It needs a lot more work before I'll be happy with it, especially in the UI department, but the...
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"The Bigger They Are" Update
Some last minor Quality-Of-Life improvements before I knuckle down and start working on some complicated new features: Bosses now generate health differently...
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Last chance to get it for free! Price raises to $2 at midnight (EST)
Okay so that was an insane 2 days. Blast Pulser got on the front page, blew up like crazy, and then when the front page went away people kept coming. We're st...
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