"The Bigger They Are" Update

Some last minor Quality-Of-Life improvements before I knuckle down and start working on some complicated new features:

  • Bosses now generate health differently.  Now, instead of multiplying health per part * number of parts to get the boss health, I divide the bosshealth by the number of parts to get the part health.  This means all boss fights currently take the same number of shots to destroy, regardless of how many parts they have.  In the future, I could tweak the boss's overall health based on stage number or other factors to maniplulate the difficulty of the fight as a whole, which was not possible under the old system.  TL;DR: the duration of a boss fight felt really random before.  It should be more normal, now.
  • Stage number displayed at start of stage.  I really should have done this sooner.  Just a simple label that displays at the start of every level, telling you what stage you're on in Regular Mode or what boss you're about to fight in Boss Mode.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed loading delay when first instance of a pooled prefab spawns in. Fixed that frame-rate issue that happened the first time your bullet hits an enemy, the first time an enemy dies, the first time an enemy base explodes, the first time you get hit, the first time you die, and the first time a boss spawns in.  This makes the gameplay a lot more smooth, and will also make my demo videos look more professional.  Arguably the most important change to this update, it's ironically impossible to take a screenshot of it.
  • Turret now automatically rotates to face the front of the ship after not shooting for a few seconds while in controller mode with aim-to-fire turned on.  This one was purely to satisfy my OCD when it comes to travelling long stretches between distant enemy bases.  Before, this was easily accomplished with the mouse or the right thumbstick when aim-to-fire was turned off, but the only way to do it with aim-to-fire turned on was by firing a huge arc of shots.  Pretty, but annoying.  I like it better this way but if anyone complains, I'll make it possible to turn off in the Options menu.  Automatically disabled during boss fights, just to prevent it from making you miss during epic dogfights with Sniper-style bosses.


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Version 20 Mar 29, 2018

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