Last chance to get it for free! Price raises to $2 at midnight (EST)

Okay so that was an insane 2 days.  Blast Pulser got on the front page, blew up like crazy, and then when the front page went away people kept coming.  We're still listed among the Most Popular twin stick shooters, and we're getting a lot more traffic from people searching for twin stick shooters in general than from people searching specifically for free twin stick shooters, which surprised me.  I can't believe it's grown this much after only 5 days.  Maybe my minimum viable product wasn't as minimal as I thought!

Anyway, as a way of thanking my fans, I'm giving you all a heads-up.  After midnight, Eastern Standard Time, 2018-03-28, I'm raising the price to $2.

Now, I'm pretty sure after buying the game "for free," you're entitled to free updates for life unless I set a specific price on a specific file I upload.   But if you have any friends who you think might not buy it but would like to play it?  Now's the time to link them to it so they can get it for free.  Go ahead, I'll even provide the link for you:  Text it to them.  IM them with it.   Email them.  It's a free game and they're your friend who's into twin stick shmups.  Kind of a no-brainer.

Thanks to all my fans and to the staff for putting up with me as I basically panicked and ran around in circles all over the forums, as well as to people who actually interacted with all these community tools I set up.  You're the ones who made this all possible! :)

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